Questions and Answers
Letter to a Classmate

1. When do the events described in the latter take place? In the 1960’s
2. Who is Mr. Brown? The school bus driver and Lanny’s father.
3. Why does the writer apologise? He copped a feel.
4. Who is Mr. Welch? A school bus driver.
5. Did the writer find Tammy attractive? Yes.
6. Who is Harold? Tammy’s little brother.
7. Does the tuna noodle casserole look appetizing? No.
8. Is the cafeteria decorated for Christmas? No, Thanksgiving.
9. What did Rosemary have for lunch? An open steak sandwich on lettuce.
10. What did she have for dessert? Paste.
11. Do Mrs. Ivory’s students like her? No, they draw her pushing up flowers.
12. Who is Mr. Crampton? A janitor/custodian
13. What did Danny Haber do? He vomited.
14. Why is Donnie Stern crying? Danny puked on his shoes.
15. How long has Mrs. Ivory been teaching? 50 years
16. Who is Mrs. Pratt? Kindergarten teacher.
17. Do the cooks help with the cafeteria cleanup? No.
18. What was kept in the boiler room? Shovels, cat o’ nines, paddles, Thumbscrews.
19. What did Glenn Van Horn do? Danced the twist on a table.
20. Is the writer sure that the events in the cafeteria described really happen? No, he can offer no clues.

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