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Generating Publicity - Cloze

An article by Ivan Garth
Activity by Steven Starry - (Profesor en Alcorcón)

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According to Al and Linda Ries in their book "Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR" the importance of is changing and they argue that PR has become the most effective way to build a . Well-known brands like Body Shop, PlayStation and Harry Potter spend very little on , yet their brand awareness is huge.
So, what can we do to generate ?
Well, you can put in hands of professionals and depending on your needs and characteristics choose the type of PR agency that best you. Lilli Cloud, founder of Cloud Communications explains in BusinessWeek that there are four types of agencies:
- The Big Agency
- The Small Agency
- The Agency
- The Independent Consultant
In this article she explains the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.
However, if you are more here is a quick seven step guide to start generating publicity for your company or project:
STEP 1: Determine your - make a list of all the publications, radio stations, TV channels you want to .
STEP 2: Develop a database of contacts - Decide in which section the news you will generate best fits in and who's the primary editor or reporter of this section.
STEP 3: Determine the story - brainstorm ideas on possible stories and this down to around 12 topics which can you going for at least 1 year. Make sure the story is news and not just promotion.
STEP 4: Write the press - Study a few press releases on similar topics and write a short story using a similar style, this will increase the chances of it getting it .
STEP 5: Send the press release - here the importance of step two and a good database of contacts.
STEP 6: Other uses for your press release - publish it on your Web site, mail it to and prospects, place them on handouts and fliers, etc.
STEP 7: Develop relationships with contacts - dedicate time to improve your relationships with those that decide what gets published, this will increase the of generating publicity.
These seven steps are developed in more detail in Al Lautenslager's article.