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En esta página hay varias actividades para que pases un rato estudieando y aprendiendo inglés.

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Actividades Interactivas

Pacific Crest
Writing a business letter
Business Abbreviations
Anatomy of a Murder (MP3)
Post-apocalyptic fiction (MP3)
Artificial Intelligence (MP3)
Diary of a Young Girl
Murder on the Orient Express
Man from the South
Dr. Crippen The Creep
The Importance of Being Earnest
The Remains of the Day
Lee el poema anónimo (MP3)
Lee el poema anónimo (MP3)
The Chaos de G. Nolst Trenité (MP3)
The Masters Golf Championship
A Plea for Bees
Speak English Correctly
How do you learn a language?
A Message From The Sea
Slow Food
Root 66
Spinal Tap
Reagan's Challenger Disaster Speech
Frederick Douglas
Media Survey
Underline words that rhyme (MP3)
The Lord of the Rings
Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Family Vocabulary
Tulsa Race Riot
Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot
Alonso and Vettel
Discovering the Enneagram
Early Childhood Education
The Raven
Stress in the Workplace
About Maria 1
About Maria 2
The Silent Knight
The London Paralympics
Tell-Tale Heart
Saint Jimmy
Iron Sky
Learning English If You're Shy
Black Friday
Happiness Comes From Respect
How to work with an Interpreter
Bristol-Myers Squibb
English and the Plague
News of the World
Igneous Rocks
The Spanish Financial Crisis 2008-11
About William Christison
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Charlotte's Web
Science Fiction
Sportsmanship ... Breaking the Rules
Indian Clubs
Steve Jobs
The Lost Fleet
Dance Dance Revolution
Falling Skies
Mild Gazpacho
DC Comics is Starting Again
Sentence conversion
The Art of Presentations
What would I change in my house?
Black Friday
Perfect Interview
Corporate Hierarchy
The "4 Step" Guide to Report Writing
10 Steps for Getting the Job you Want!
Negotiation Style
Presenting in English 1
Presenting in English 2
Presenting in English 3
Use Your Eyes
Motivating Staff
Generating Publicity
Telephoning Tips
Save Time
Advertising Errors
Balance Sheets
Do I really need a mobile phone?
Ghost Rider
Gramática - inglés
Vocabulario - inglés

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