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Academy advertisements: To get your academy's ad placed of this section: Employment Madrid (currently on page 2), if you haven't advertised your academy on before, the "offer-rate" for new advertisers in the Capital is 120 euros plus VAT for three months in advance (as of 12/12/2017). Returning previous advertisers please send me an email for a quote on rates.

Regarding General Academy Advertisements:

Please send me the information outlined below as well as your billing information including CIF to ( and I will send you the info on how to make the payment (120 euros plus VAT direct deposit into my bank account). Use the email address above as well for further information.

This is the information required for the simple ad. (plus logo)

Job / Employment title:
Need the teacher by:
Minimum experience required:
Description of the academy:
Conditions of employment:
Contact information:
  • Person:
  • Email:
  • Telephone:

  • Regarding Teacher Advertisements:

    (Teacher ads are placed free-of-charge.)

    This is the information required for the simple ad. (plus frontal digital photo of your whole head - around 120 pixels-wide for just the head - for the ads, refer to the teachers' ads on the ads pages). Email info to ( DO NOT send a document. Copy the text and photo to the body of an email. I will not open your document.

    Materias: (Subjects such as CAE, IELTS, English, Business English, etc.)
    Tarifa: (If you charge much less than the general average, we'll both get loads of complaints. Just to let you know.)
    Comentario: (One sentence just won't cut it. Please describe in plain Spanish what it is that you offer. - English on the Online ads page.- Don't copy the exact wording of the other teachers's ads. They tend to get upset at "plagiarism" and contact me to complain. You'll hear about it.)
    Sitios web: (only Facebook and/or Linkedin public-page links. The page linked must be kept up-to-date. It doesn't help you either for me to link to your pointless page, if pointless it be. Keep it relevant.)
    Disponibilidad: (Keep me up-to-date once a month to keep your ad towards the top.)
    Email: (same email as the one you use to communicate with me)
    Mobile phone and/or telephone:

    Note: Make sure to always be nice and promptly answer all of your emails from prospective students, etc.

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