Nov. 20 update:
Interlang continues hiring for this academic year 2019-20 all year round, so if interested, please complete our online applicant registration form at:
We require a German teacher two afternoons a week in the Moncloa area 17:00 to 19:00. If interested and available please get in touch at

Job offer:

Job / Employment title: In-company language teacher - we teach mainly English but also French and to a lesser extent German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.
Academy: Interlang.
Location: Interlang is based at C/ Antonia Mercé 8, but most of our classes are in central Madrid with some in the surrounding areas.
Need the teacher by: We are always recruiting as classes come up constantly so please apply if you’re interested. Minimum experience required: preferably 2 years teaching experience with some professional experience prior to teaching. We are looking for career teachers who really love teaching.
Description of the academy: We are a Language Centre offering the highest standards of language services to our clients.
Conditions of employment: Preferably have a TEFL qualification and minimum of 2 years’ experience. Non-EU citizens must have working papers in order. 
Salary: We employ teachers both on contract and on a freelance basis at very competitive rates.
Contact information:

Sean O'Malley


Interlang Executive Centre in Madrid, Spain.

Interlang’s main activity is Face to Face group and 1:1 extensive in-company classes. By extensive we mean for the whole academic year – September / October to June / July. However, we also provide our clients with telephone classes, blended learning (mix between teacher lead and online lessons), online tutoring for online courses, as well as business skills seminars, intensive courses and residential immersion courses.

Interlang has continued to grow steadily in recent years and this is due to the high quality of the service we offer, our excellent teachers and constant innovation in new teaching methodologies. Unlike some language schools we do not have our own particular methodology, so our teachers have a lot of freedom to use a wide variety of course-books and teaching techniques in the language learning environment. We also provide content support via our platform with established learning paths and digital resources.

Teachers are paid by bank-transfer at the beginning of every month. Though most hiring takes place between June, July, September, October and January, we have a constant need for good teachers and so are recruiting all year round.

Building front - Interlang

          The front of Interlang's building.

Interlang Reception

General Information:

Agency: Interlang Executive Centre


January 11, 2019.

Interlang kitchen

When did the agency open?

Contact person and title:
Sean O'Malley (Academic Director).

Contact phone:
(00 34) 91 515 88 13


C/ Antonia Mercé 8, 1º
28009 Madrid (Metro Goya).

Classroom 3

Facilities and classrooms:

We have a couple of classrooms in our centre for regular classes, intensive courses and teacher training seminars / workshops. Most of the teaching we do takes place in company, however.

Interlang Hallway

Have good materials support, photocopier?
Full materials support through extensive library and our own online materials on our platform. Where a course book is assigned the teacher is provided with material and support audio & video.

Have "Director of Studies" (DOS) support?
One full-time Academic Director on hand to provide academic support and run development workshops as well as a Digital Content Creation Manager and Client Account Managers.

Barclay Center 2

Barclay Center 1

Interlang - a second view of the area.
Just around the corner from Interlang.

Interlang Office

Employment Information:

How many teachers do they hire per year?
Interlang hires about 40 teachers per year.

Teachers at Interlang for over 4 years?
60 – we are pleased to say that we have a relatively small teacher turnover.

Qualification requirements for employment?
Preferably a University Degree and CELTA or equivalent but what we are really looking for are career teachers who love teaching.

Interlang Office

Experience requirements for employment?
Preferably a minimum of two years teaching experience. A good knowledge of Spanish would be an advantage but not essential. Experience in a business environment prior to EFL teaching also an added advantage.

Hire at a distance?
We are quite happy to set up an initial Zoom or Skype video conference interview for teachers living outside Spain, Madrid or in the outskirts of Madrid. Interlang hire teachers on both a part and full-time basis both on contract and freelancers. Teachers must be fairly smartly dressed as they are teaching professionals in company.

Classroom 1

Hire Americans and do their papers?
We only hire non-EU citizens who already have working papers but will hire any native speakers regardless of where they are from.

Preference for British or Americans or other native speakers?
No preference whatsoever. We will employ native speakers from any country. We are quite happy to hire native speakers from any country as long as they can legally work in Spain. We also hire non-native bilingual teachers as long as they can legally work in Spain.

Classroom 4

Best part about working at Interlang?
The best part about working at Interlang is their full pedagogical support. Also, that they are a serious language school which means as a teacher you end up taking your work that much more seriously and as a result become a better professional. Interlang also offers a wide variety of courses - extensive and intensive group and one to one classes, telephone and virtual classes, residential immersion courses, online training and tutoring - so it’s possible for teachers to have a variety of class type and be trained in new areas such as becoming online tutors or oral examiners. Interlang also carries out oral level tests and trains certain teachers to be able to do this.

Interlang - a view of the area.

Offer teacher training or development along with job?
As well as initial orientation sessions, we organize an ongoing programme of workshops and seminars and our DOSes are always on hand to guide teachers and make suggestions related to all aspects of teaching. We also provide distance teacher training and tips via our platform.

Starters' average salary?
Very attractive hourly rates which vary according to class type. We can discuss all of these at interview.

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