International House Madrid - International House is one of the best-established academies in Madrid, in Spain and in the whole world. You will find that with few exceptions, almost everyone will recognize them wherever you go in Madrid and if you work for them, your experiences there will be respected by just about everyone.

“IH Madrid” has seen some big growth lately and is now made up of 4 buildings. Each building provides all types of class. International House Madrid is certainly a growing institution and there aren’t many better academies to start out at in English teaching, so make sure to apply for that teaching job soon as they usually have to hire around 50 teachers in October.

Job offer:

Job / Employment title: EFL teacher.
Academy: International House Madrid.
Location: Central Madrid in one of our centres, and in companies and schools around Madrid, as well as Pozuelo and Las Rozas. (Zurbano 8 centre)

Feb. 20 update:
New class - We have a business class in the Barajas/A2 area Monday/Wednesday 14.00-15.00. Contact Alex Bishop ( if interested. Essential to have teaching qualification. Competitive pay rate and full access to our training programme included.

Feb. 7 update:
IH Madrid is now looking to recruit dynamic and professional YL teachers for classes at lunchtime in central Madrid. We have vacancies for lunchtimes (13.00-16.00) for YL classes for an immediate start. This is a part-time post.

Competitive pay rates and excellent professional development included.

Essential to have a Cambridge CELTA or Trinity CertTESOL, C2 domination of all skills in English and relevant experience. We won't be able to consider applicants who do not meet these requirements. If you are interested please send your CV to Alex Bishop (

Need the teacher by: interviews conducted throughout the year.
Description of the academy: An affiliate of the International House World Organisation’s network of over 150 schools worldwide, IH Madrid offers the widest range of language teaching and training services in Madrid. The school is now in its 36th year and currently has 4 sites: Alonso Martínez in the city centre, Ciudad Universitaria (in the university district), Nuevos Ministerios (business district) and at Diego de Leon.
The company comprises 5 areas of work:

  • In Company Training

  • This department provide language training to corporate clients. Teacher Training services here includes the IH BET, IHWO Language Awareness Course and IHWO Teaching 1-1 certificate.

  • Language Teaching Centres

  • This department teaches General & Professional English, French, German and Chinese to the general public both on our premises and provides Teacher Training services (CELTA, IHCYL and a range of short courses). It also offer foreign study courses through our Courses Abroad unit.

  • Colegios department

  • This department provides extra-curricular English to young learners in schools around the city and the region.

  • Spanish

  • This department offers language and teacher training courses.

    Further information can be found on our website

    Conditions of employment: "fijo discontinuo" from October until the end of July.
    including paid holidays, paid public holidays. Excellent conditions including Spanish classes, full library of resources, teacher support and development, and a fixed timetable.
    Salary: from €1,355.03 for 25 hour / week contracts, with supplements paid for experience as well as class type and location. Paid holidays and paid public holidays. Freelance rates from €20 – 22 / hour.
    Contact information:

  • Person: Alex Bishop.
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 902 14 15 17.

  • Photo of IH Madrid at Zurbano, 8:

    International House Madrid Reception Lobby 2016

            Dec. 18, 2018: International House Reception 1.


    International House Madrid Reception Lobby 2 2016

            Dec. 18, 2018: International House Reception 2.

    General Information:

    International House Madrid


    Date updated:
    Dec. 17, 2018.

    When did academy open?
    32 years ago.

    International House Madrid building 2016

    Contact person and title:
    Alex Bishop, Operations Director, does all the hiring.

    Contact phone:
    902 141 517 (However, don’t call if you can send an e-mail.)

    Send your CV in an e-mail as an attachment. All CVs are looked at and kept in a database for future reference. Most of their hiring is done from May to September for the Fall, but sometimes they have to hire a few more teachers in October. (They took on 4 teachers in October who had done the academy’s own CELTA last summer.)

    International House Madrid classroom 1 2016

    Headquarters: C/Zurbano, 28010.
    The head offices are just up the street from well-connected Alonso Martínez Metro station (three metro lines pass through here, including the very important “blue” or “ten” line). These are the four schools: Alonso Martinez in C/ Zurbano 8, Nuevos Ministerios – Pº/ Castellana 102, Ciudad Universitaria – Pº / Juan XXIII 9, and Diego de Leon centre, in Calle Francisco Silvela, 54.

    "Pasajes" English bookshop is on the corner at Alonso Martinez (Zurbano 8 centre) and there are plenty of restaurants and shops in the area, including “Burger King”.

    International House Madrid classroom 2 2016

    Facilities and classrooms:
    Facilities and classrooms – there are well-equipped classrooms in each centre. Four centres: International House Alonso Martinez, International House Ciudad Universitaria and International House Nuevos Ministerios and International House Diego de Leon. The IH Madrid academy at Sagasta is the headquarters.

    International House Madrid classroom 4 2016

    Have good materials support, photocopier?
    The staffrooms are fully stocked with resources and equipped with computers with internet access for all staff. IH Alonso Martinez has plenty of resources and a large area with tables and computers for the teachers. There are computers in the staffroom with internet connection. There are also lockers for the teachers in the staffroom. All classrooms have a computer with internet access and a projector. All centres have staffrooms with computers, copiers, laminators, resource books and supplementary coursebooks and other resources. Alonso Martinez and Nuevos Ministerios both have a cafeteria.

    International House Madrid library 2016

    Have "Director of Studies" support?
    Each department has a Director, a DOS, one or more ADOSes, senior teachers and supervisors. IH Madrid has a ‘Offsite Department Director, a “Onsite Department” DOS, “Teacher Training” DOS and “Coordinators”, who help less experienced teachers. There is also a DOS for the in-company teachers. Teachers have regular meetings at the beginning and end of each term as part of an on-going effort to standardize the courses so that all the students in a particular level will reach their objectives as per exams and such. Teachers also undergo “well-received” observations, which are followed up by constructive feedback sessions.

    Alonso Martinez square just around the corner 2 2016

    VIPs on staff?
    Roy Norris is author of “Ready for First Certificate” by MacMillan Publishers. Steven McGuire, head of teacher training at IH Madrid is a past coordinator at TESOL and frequent speaker at conventions and seminars in Spain. Kate Pickering has written books in the Global series. Several staff members are currently writing coursebooks for major publishers.

    International House Madrid Reception Lobby 2 2016

            Dec. 18, 2018: International House Reception 3.

    Qualification requirements for employment?
    Require a minimum of a CELTA and prefer teachers who get an “A” or a “B” rather than those who simply “Pass”. Will take “equivalent” TEFL certifications (Equivalent qualifications recognised by IH World Organisation, mainly the Trinity TESOL or Irish CELT - post 2007 only), but will carefully examine the circumstances of the course (i.e. whether the classes were observed, etc.). There is a TEFL certification course, the Cambridge CELTA, offered by International House Madrid.

    Employment Information:

    Experience requirements for employment?
    IH Madrid would love for every English teacher to be really experienced, but that’s simply not realistic. There is no experience pre-requisite for employment. Due to a high demand for teachers, they sometimes hire English teachers right off the CELTA courses providing they have demonstrated the quality expected. At the moment, IH Madrid has a higher demand for young learners teachers and prefers teachers who are willing to take at least some YL classes.

    Hire at a distance?
    They will consider face to face and distance interviews. IH Madrid will ask for your CV and check your references.

    International House Madrid bar  2016
    Dec. 17, 2018: This photo is out-of-date as reception has been renovated.

    Hire Americans and do their papers?
    Hire Americans with legal status, but won’t do their papers.

    Preference for British or Americans?
    None apparently. IH Madrid gets plenty of companies that ask for American English teachers.

    Estimated teachers hired yearly:
    Estimated teachers hired – 50 / 60 a year, they tend to stay for an average of 2 -3 years. Apart from this, they tend to hire fewer strictly in-company teachers as they need teachers who can do every type of class.

    Teachers at International House for over 4 years?
    Around 50% of their workforce have been there for more than 4 years.

    Number of students:
    More than 3,000.
    About 2,800 young learners.

    International House Madrid classroom 3 2016

    Best part about working at International House Madrid?
    … the people, because most try to be professional. Also, there is a general feeling of being part of a “family” because people help and support each other.

    International House Madrid hallway 2016

    Other benefits?
    … the feeling that the training continues. Teachers like to come to IH Madrid because it’s a place where one can develop quickly. Teachers are encouraged to do seminars and they stay because they feel they are developing. Also, teachers only get more difficult classes when they feel they are ready for them. IH Madrid makes an effort to cater to requests and to give teachers the courses and work loads that they ask for.

    IH is made up of a network of schools internationally, including 23 in Spain. As part of the internal recruitment programme, teachers who move around within the system will actually receive financial help with flights, etc. in order to better make the moves.

    Alonso Martinez square just around the corner  2016

    Offer teacher training or development along with job?
    Teachers are offered an in-house IH Young Learner certification. The class schedules are doubled up so as to give teachers double the opportunities to choose their best seminar times. In terms of training they also offer the IH Language Awareness Course, the IH Business English Teaching Certificate, and this year we will also be offering the newly written IH Teaching 1 to 1 Certificate. They also offer a DELTA Bridge course to help teachers prepare for the Cambridge DELTA.

    Starters' average salary?
    Starting salary: contract – from €1,355.03 / month + supplements for experience as well as paid holiday, abono transporte (if travelling more than 6 hours a week or have 4 journeys between locations), and Spanish classes, autónomo - €20 – 22 / hour depending on experience.

    Colon square just around the corner  2  2016

    Photo of Colón square just around the corner from IH Madrid:


    English Teaching Certificate Course:

    International House

    I studied my own CELTA (English Teaching Certificate) at International House 24 years ago and I was quite satisfied with it. I did the 4-month extensive course and was always up to my neck in work so I don’t know how anybody could hope to survive the 1-month intensive. (The course-load has now been reduced somewhat to give more time for lesson planning.) I have also studied one or two other courses with their trainers over the years and apparently things haven’t changed there regarding the quality.
    More on International House Madrid.
    Calle Zurbano, 8
    Metro Alonso Martinez
    34 91 319 72 24

      Recognition of the Centre (and Certificate)
    With over 120 schools internationally, International House is well-known all over the world and in Madrid, which will make it easier, I think, to get your Certificate accepted by your prospective employers anywhere you go. (It probably won't hurt to have an IH certificate if you want to work at IH in Madrid or elsewhere.)

      Training Staff and Course
    I thought the CELTA course that I did was great and the staff was professional. I recently spoke at length with their Head of Teacher Training, Steven McGuire, and I can give my own personal "certification" as to his professionalism, intelligence and general knowledge of English teaching. He is definitely a competent teacher who regularly teaches at conferences.

    Generally speaking, the recently renovated Zurbano Centre is just about as good as it gets around Madrid. The classrooms are large, there are lots of facilities for the students and teachers, it’s centrally located with an English language bookshop and Subway station nearby and there’s a Café with 5 internet-connected computers on the ground-floor next to the reception area. Every classroom has an internet connected computer and projector.

    I'm told that teachers on the course now have access to the extensive teachers' resources library in the staff-room.

      Current courses
    Intensive courses run February, May, June, July, August, September and November.

    Part-time courses run October- December, January – March and April – June. Current availability of all courses here:

    IH Madrid is also running an Online CELTA in Spain. For more information see:

      DELTA course (Diploma in English teaching)
    International House Madrid has been running the New Modular DELTA course since it began in 2008. The advantages of the Modular Diploma is that candidates can take the three modules – written exam, practical assignments, and specialism – in any order and at any stage of their teaching career. It also allows teachers to spread the load over a longer period. The course is open to all teachers regardless of where they work and applications are accepted at any time in the year for the course which runs October to May. Experienced teachers may consider the option of working for International House while doing the course which automatically qualifies them for a 20% discount on the course fee.

    Cost of the CELTA is 1610.00 Euros. Cost of the DELTA course is 2,790 Euros.

    More information on dates and prices at the training web site:


    This course is designed for qualified teachers who have completed a CELTA course or equivalent, but who have either limited experience of teaching young learners or need to develop their current skills to teaching different ages or levels of children in different situations. The course consists of 30 hours of practical-based seminars and workshops to equip teachers with all aspects of young learner teaching.

    The cost of this course is €490 Euros.

    See: for more information on the contents and dates of the course.

      The IH Very Young Learner course

    The IH Very Young Learner course is designed for teachers who have limited experience of teaching very young learners or need to develop their current skills to teaching infants and early primary children. The course consists of 12 hours of practical-based seminars and workshops to equip teachers with the essential aspects of very young learner teaching. Participants who complete the course will receive an attendance certificate with detailed contents of the course. Cost of the course is 290 Euros. More details here

    The IH Teens course – similar to the VYL course but focused on teaching teenage students. More details here:

    Photo of IH Madrid at Nuevos Ministerios:

    Another IH Madrid

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