Claudia's Likes and Dislikes (not likes) - Cloze 1

1. Watch the first half of the video and answer the question, "What types of films does Claudia dislike? (not like)" (The answer is at the end of the first part.) Then, watch the second part of the video if it was a little difficult, because it has subtitles.
2. Then, listen to the first part of the video again and fill in all the gaps with the missing words, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. You can also click on the "[?]" button to get a clue. Click the this button again for another letter. You can also click on "[?]" for a different hint. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints or clues!
Note: The apostrophe doesn't always work. There's a button at the bottom of the activity for apostrophes.
1. Mira la primera parte del video y responde a la pregunta, "What types of films does Claudia dislike? (not like)" (La respuesta está al final de la primera parte).

Si te ha resultado algo complicada esta actividad puedes ver la segunda parte del video, ya que lleva subtítulos.
2. Rellena los espacios en blanco con las palabras que faltan. Haz click en el botón "Check" , que aparece en la parte inferior de la página, para comprobar tus aciertos. Si te resulta difícil la respuesta utiliza el botón "Hint" y te revelará una letra de la casilla en la que te encuentres, puedes clickear varias veces en "Hint" y te dará cada vez una letra más de la palabra. Para obtener ayuda también puedes clickear en el botón "[?]" y te dará una pista. Perderás puntos con las pistas.
Nota: El apóstrofe no siempre funciona bien por lo que hay un bóton abajo en la página para poner el apóstrofe.

Hello everybody. I'm Claudia. an English teacher at But, apart from being an English teacher, I’m also literature and in art, particularly in literature I have to say. And, I’m a researcher. I in the literature of Renaissance, which I really like, but I really to art exhibitions as well. And I’ve really enjoyed the Tintoretto exhibition at the Prado here in Madrid. I think it’s gorgeous and you should see it. And, I also music, particularly jazz, rock and some pop too. I also classical music, but I a favorite musician or a favorite composer because I think too many great names in the history of music and I many. I also to the cinema. I it very much. But, I don’t like action movies. I horror movies. I don’t like films with too much violence in it. I like films that are based on novels or on reality. And overall I films that help me relax. And with my students I very often comment on films and books that my students like and that I like too. And I you also like literature and music, and that you to the cinema too so that you can talk with your teacher about all these things.