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The Future of the Human Race
Evolutionary theorist Oliver Curry has an interesting and unusual on the future of the human race. His idea actually sounds more like science fiction instead of science fact. He suggests that in 100,000 years, humankind will have into two species. In addition, one species will be the "haves," and the other the "have-nots."
Over the coming millennium, we will see some small changes. For example, humankind will grow taller, and 6-7 feet (182-213 centimeters) will be the average height. Humans will live roughly 120 years, too. Increased access to resources, cosmetic and genetic therapies, and surgeries will out the appearance of men and women within each sex. What's more, there won't be different races like today. The races will mix to produce people with a similar, latte-colored of skin.
That's the good news. However, our reliance on technology could have negative effects. According to Curry, people will lose social and empathy in the face of future technological advancements. Our immune systems won't be as strong as now, because medicines will fight off disease and lower mortality . Thus, over time, weak genes will spread and affect our whole species. Curry predicts that this will happen 10,000 years from now.
into this dark future, in the year 100,000, the genetically healthy will only breed with one another. This will produce a beautiful and intelligent class of people. The genetically will become short and ugly, and will also have substandard intelligence levels. These are the "have-nots." In other words, humans will turn themselves into and slaves.
   Words in gaps:      even      further      hue      hypothesis      likely      rates      rulers      skills      split      unhealthy