Some questions about the extracts.

According to Joseph Campbell:

Darth Vader (Father in Sanskrit) goes over (or align himself) to the "programmatic" system (the dark side).

 Why is that a problem and what is the solution?

Do you agree with the statement that people who don't listen to themselves risk a crack-up?

What does JC mean by, "It's nice to put yourself in situations that evoke your higher nature rather than your lower?"

How do myths help you to live within the system?  

What does "follow your bliss" mean?

JC says, "The influence of a vital person vitalizes, there’s no doubt about it." What does that mean?

 How does one become a vital person?

According to Yuval:

What is the problem with "Follow your heart"

Do "follow your bliss" and "follow your heart" mean the same thing?

Any more questions?