English Academies in Madrid, Spain - This page should be of interest to English teachers seeking out work in Madrid. Here are the best, the most stable and the longest-lasting of academies in Madrid.

I studied my own CELTA (English Teaching Certificate) at International House 18 years ago and I was quite satisfied with it. I did the 4-month extensive course and was always up to my neck in work so I don’t know how anybody could hope to survive the 1-month intensive. (The course-load has now been reduced somewhat to give more time for lesson planning.) I have also studied one or two other courses with their trainers over the years and apparently things haven’t changed there regarding the quality.
Read more: International House Madrid CELTA and DELTA courses.

International House
Calle Zurbano 8, Madrid.
Telephone: +34 91 319 72 24
International House Madrid on

International House Madrid classroom 4 2016
International House Madrid Reception Lobby 1 2016
International House Madrid library 2016
International House Madrid Reception Lobby 2 2016


The Oxbridge International TEFL Course prepares you to teach English all over the world. Oxbridge trains you to be the best teacher possible using an innovative and modern language teaching methodology. Read more: Oxbridge.

Oxbridge TEFL
Telephone: Madrid: 91 523 4243.
National: +34 902 500 100.
Skype: oxbridgetefl.

Vaughan Systems

Vaughan Systems - Here's a top paying job for dynamic, sociable non-TEFLers (teachers without a TEFL certificate)

(00 34) 91 748 59 60.
Eurobuilding 2, 1st floor, Calle Orense 69.

Cambridge House - Three schools in the centre of Madrid and 20 years in the business. by T. Brock.

Cambridge House (HQ) s

Escuela de Atocha.
Pº de las Delicias, 30 - 1º Planta
28045 Madrid
915 281 335

Escuela de López de Hoyos
López de Hoyos 95 - 1º A
28002 Madrid
915 194 603
*This is the academy in which Penny is located, and in which all teacher recruiting takes place.

Escuela de calle Alcalá
Hermanos de Pablo, 10. Local.
28027 Madrid
913 771 179

Escuela de La Vaguada
Santiago de Compostela 62
28034 Madrid
917 313 695

Escuela de intensivos Nuevos Ministerios
C/Orense, 16 1º dch
91 770 8706

Escuela de intensivos Gta. De Atocha
Méndez Alvaro 8. Local.
915 281 085


Mobile: 681346677 (Iphone with What's App)


American Language Academy - Here's an English academy where most of the teachers are from North America. - by T. Brock.

American Language Academy
Plaza del Conde del Valle de Suchil, 15-17
28015 – Madrid, Spain.
Telephone: 91 445 5511

Other school in Madrid:

American Test Center: Plaza del Conde del Valle Suchil, 4. Madrid – 28015.

American Language Academy: On

ALA Entrance ALA Reception 2
ALA Grupos empresas ALA Classroom 1

Kennedy Empowering Successful Communication - This school has a presence in 24 Spanish cities including Madrid, Barcelona, Tarragona, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao and Santander providing innovative solutions for their clients’ language needs and being teacher centred, emphasises a positive and supportive working environment.

Calle Espronceda, 33 - 3º Dcha
28003 Madrid
Telephone: 91 591 4180.
Kennedy Empowering Successful Communication: on

International Institute in Spain - This school is a prominent historic entity offering a range of language courses both on-site and in-house for adults as well as a program for young learners.

Instituto Internacional
Miguel Angel, 8,
28010 – Madrid, Spain.
Telephone. 91 319 81 84
Fax. 91 310 0964.

International Institute Madrid main hall 2016
International Institute Madrid classroom 2 2016
International Institute Madrid library 4 2016
International Institute Madrid cafeteria 2016

Berlitz - With 128 years of experience, more than 450 centers in over 60 countries, Berlitz is one of the oldest and largest language service providers in the world.

En Madrid dispone de 3 centros:

Madrid – Azca
Calle Basilica, 17
28020 Madrid
Phone: +34 915 55 54 01

Madrid – Pozuelo
Calle Enrique Granados,
628224 Pozuelo de Alarcón,
Phone: + 34 91 541 61 04

Madrid – Serrano
Calle Serrano, 219. 1ºB
28016 Madrid
Phone: +34 914 57 07 27


Berlitz - newly refurbished Basilica Centre 1
Berlitz - newly refurbished Basilica Centre 3


Languages21 - A company offering a 50/50 mix of telephone and in-company classes.

Condesa de Venadito 1, Plantas 8 y 9, Madrid 28027
28020 Madrid
Telephone: 91 751 5544
Languages21 on


Diverbo - A school seeking experienced teachers to start immediately with in-company classes, Masters courses and intensive residential courses.

Orense, 4 7ª planta,
28020 Madrid (Spain)
Telephone: 91 391 3400.
Diverbo on

EuroLanguage Consultants - Offers first class language solutions to companies, groups and individuals in Madrid, Spain and abroad.

E.L.C. Eurolanguage Consultants
Alfredo Marqueríe, 5 - Bajo (Urbanización Euronorte)
28034 - Madrid - Spain.
Telephone: 91 740 5911.
Eurolanguage Consultants on

British Council Madrid - The British Council operates 91 teaching centres in 57 countries. There are around 2000 teachers employed who deliver classes to about 495,000 learners each year.

British Council
C/ Miguel Angel, 1| 28010 Madrid | Metro: L 5 Ruben Darió or L10 Gregorio Marañón
Telephone. please use email


Interlang Executive Centre - Interlang has been around for over 24 years and so is one of the best established in-company language schools in Madrid offering business, general and ESP language courses.

Interlang Executive English
C/ Antonia Mercé 8, 1º,
28009 Madrid.
Telephone: (00 34) 91 515 88 13.
Interlang Executive Centre on

Classroom 4
Classroom 1
Classroom 3


Oxbridge TEFL
Telephone: Madrid: 91 523 4243.
National: +34 902 500 100.
Skype: oxbridgetefl.

Oxbridge Offers Sponsored TEFL Training Course - with Work Opportunities

Idiomas Seif Logo

Idiomas Seif is a language academy on Gran Vía in central Madrid which offers only on-site classes specialised in intensive general English courses. Idiomas Seif employs teachers from across the English-speaking world. Their only requirements are that teachers be fully native and legal residents.

Idiomas Seif
Contact phone: 00 34 915 487 592.
Address: C/ Gran Vía 50 1.ºIZQDA 28013 Madrid.
Metro: Callao/Santa Domingo

Idiomas SEIF reception
Idiomas SEIF classroom 2
Idiomas SEIF classroom 1
Idiomas SEIF classroom 3


IA Corporate Communication - We are a growing network of like-minded and established freelance English trainers since 2010. IA acts as a central hub to contract hours from corporate clients for our network, to provide support and to fulfill the administration requirements of the clients, and to make sure trainers working with us are paid correctly and on time.

IA Corporate Communication
Location: Madrid

OPEN Schools of Languages
Agustin de Foxa, 25
Telephone: 91 562 5443.
OPEN Schools on

EBPAI and Aprentias

Paseo de la Castellana 135, 7ª Madrid. 
Telephone: 644 537 125.

Bray's English

Bray's English
C/ Felipe Estevez 15, 28901- Getafe.
Tels: 91 682 39 77 / 620 89 25 76.,
Bray's English on

Bray's Classroom 2
Bray's Reception 2
Bray's Reception 1
Bray's Classroom 4

GNP Idiomas

GNP Idiomas was founded in 1994. It’s a family run school with an excellent reputation for outstanding results and a fun learning environment. Around 10-12 teachers work at the school and there is a positive work environment. Teachers have full support from the head teacher and all materials are made available to them including access to computers, internet, supplementary material, photocopiers and IWBs.

GNP Idiomas
C/Juan Perez Zuñiga 22.
Tel: 91 408 66 49.,
GNP Idiomas on

GNP Idiomas class
GNP Idiomas exterior 2
GNP exterior
GNP Teachers


ULIC Centre

C/ Gaztambide 26, Moncloa, Madrid.
(+34) 629 614 865.
(+34) 91 032 5276
ULIC Centre on

ULIC reception
ULIC Classroom 1
ULIC Classroom 4
ULIC Lounge

Telephone: 91 590 3474
Calle Hermanos Bécquer 7, 7
28006 Madrid, Spain

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