Oct. 1, 2018.
What can you tell me about the Weinstein case and the #MeToo movement?
Mr Weinstein allegedly committed dozens of sexual assaults, including rape. The contrast between his brutality and his impunity shook the world out of its complacency.
How is it that a man who has been recorded boasting about sexual assault and whom at least 19 women have accused of sexual misconduct can be elected President? How would you change this sort of situation? (He's referred to several women as “dogs” and “piece[s] of ass”)
Is there an unspoken assumption that in some situations powerful men can set their own rules?
Is this a problem and what is the solution in your opinion?
Is the #MeToo movement going too far? Why? What is the solution?
Are the drunken fumblings of a 17-year-old a fuss about nothing?
Should an adult be held responsible for their actions when they were teenagers?
Why or why not? What if that adult is applying for a job that is enormously important?
Are these women who complain 30 years later just whiners who should not be believed?
Is the #MeToo movement about power, not sex?
What role does Hollywood play in this whole debate?
How do you think this process is going to affect the honor and reputation of the US Supreme Court?
Can you think up any other questions?

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