My Spring Trip to "Arenas de San Pedro" - Difficult Cloze

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My Spring Trip to “Arenas de San Pedro” in Spain
By Steven Starry of
week, my family and I went to “Arenas de San Pedro” in the “Gredos” Mountains southwest of Madrid. It takes 2 hours to get here. “Arenas de San Pedro” has a population of 6,500 permanent residents. This number triples in the summer.
“Arenas” is a mix of old and new elements. This is the old section of town. The “Castle of the Sad Countess” is 600 years old. There are tours of the castle. We visited the castle on Friday and toured it at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. The views were impressive. It’s very nice to drive those mountains. There are very pretty towns, “El Hornillo,” “Guisando,” “El Arenal”. . .
There are some towers in the castle. You can see the church in the town the castle. The interior of the castle has an area for presentations and this very beautiful room is the museum, and it has computers. This is the lake in “Arenas de San Pedro.” It’s very beautiful. There is a little road and around the lake and people do exercise there. Some very people have their homes on the lake.
We stayed in a rural house next to "Arenas de San Pedro." There is a 150-meter dirt road leads to the house. This is the little house we stayed in. This little house is for 2 people. This little house is 4 four people, and this little house is also for 4 people. The house has got a sofa, a fireplace, a refrigerator and microwave, a bed and a television , and also a bathroom. There’s a toilet and a shower. And you can see out the window here, and there’s a little sink. Now, let’s see . There’s the stairs. There’s a trunk, one bed on one side and bed on the other side. Now, let’s look where you can see a little stream, and you can hear the stream at night. There’s also a barbecue. This is the building of “Casa Crisol.” This is the entrance, and reception, and the lounge area. You can see the bar . There are some armchairs, a table, a fireplace and there’s a sofa and a coffee table there. This is the dining area. We had yoghurt and strawberries breakfast.
Saturday morning, we went to see “El Aguila” caves. They didn’t permit me to take photographs, but I recommend them . This is the view from the caves. Then, we returned to “Arenas de San Pedro” and visited the medieval bridge. Again, the views were spectacular. We had lunch here. And after that, we walked around “Arenas de San Pedro” and saw the church and visited the main streets and .
This land belongs to the Sad Countess. And this is her mansion. Can you see her horse? , we visited the Sanctuary of Saint Peter or “San Pedro” in Spanish. , we rested a mountain stream. After that, we visited an incredible bee museum in “Poyales del Hoyo.” There are 200,000 bees in that little room. The window is open. The man gives a very 2-hour presentation on bees. , the presentation is in Spanish. This is a view the museum. And, these are of the old hives.
The morning, we left the rural house. We drove to a castle in Monbeltrán. This castle is in a very beautiful valley. We didn’t go into the castle because we didn’t have time. At the of the valley, there is a mountain called “Puerto Pico.” And that is the old Roman road. This is the view south of “Puerto Pico.” Our return to Madrid started at 11 o’clock and finished at about 17:30 in the evening. We took a different route through the mountains and we drove much more . The landscape was different. There were trees and it was much, much colder. in the afternoon nearer to Madrid, we saw the “Burguillo” lake. A lot of the scenery in the area was , but this particular scene is “El Tiemblo.”
Thank you for watching. My name’s Steven Starry from